Book: Navigating the ABCs of Personal Change


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Are you frustrated and confused when it comes to dealing with changes in your life? Do you feel alone in the process?

  • Engage in more positive responses to life’s challenges
  • Redefine change from the inside out
  • Learn to make peace with your past
  • Create and embrace change at any stage of life

Paulette’s powerful, yet simple framework will help you face and adapt to challenges that keep slowing you down and holding you back.

It is a book that is the direct result of Paulette’s personal journey, her research and consultations. It contains concepts that are important for you to incorporate into your life as you navigate personal change.

Most concepts have a quote, description, questions, action steps, course corrections and Paulette’s personal perspective. It is recommended that you start with the first four: Accept, Believe, Courage and Discover. They are the essential first steps in navigating change.

It’s more than a book.

Included in the purchase of this book, when you register your email address, is free access to the Navigating Personal Change Inventory (NPCI) that you want to complete before and after reading the book. In addition, you will also receive a free printable workbook to write in your answers to the questions and complete action steps. This allows you to create your own personal journal.

Reading the book can’t make you change but it will help you discover the power of change within you.

As you read be inspired and continue your journey by following navigating personal for blog posts and interviews.

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