• Do you have what you need to make the journey?
  • Do you have a vehicle ready for the journey?
  • Do you have a compass to keep you on course?
  • Do you have strategies to help when you get off course?
  • Do you have the ability to redirect your journey to a different destination if needed?

So let’s take a deeper look at what you need to make the journey. An anchor represents the need for something we take on your journey that offers safety and stability while riding the rough waters and the winds of change.

Do you know the most important questions you have to ask yourself before navigating any change?

  1. How do you respond to change?
  2. Why do you fail at change?
  3. Why is change so hard?
  4. What are ways we resist change?
  5. How does our brain respond to change?
  6. What social science offers us in understanding personal change?
  7. What are your “ITS”- invisible trespassers?


Why you? You want real possibilities for addressing change. The pain of not being able to be successful at navigating change interferes with what life offers. You stress, you fear and you feel challenged by your environment. You want to be understood.

Is this you? Then NavigatingPersonalChange.com is for you and about you.

Make a commitment to be honest with yourself on this journey. The best part is you can do the work on your schedule – whenever or where ever. It’s also private to you. So there is no judgment.

Why now? I know change later in life is challenging. It feels overwhelming. But you are not alone. I have been there. The mistakes I made and lessons I learned can be invaluable to you. I want to be your catalyst – the one who is the stimulus to bring about a positive result and be your compass so that you can plot your own course. Let me help you take those first steps towards feeling empowered.

Why me? I firmly believe that there is great value in the fact that I have survived difficult life experiences and have overcome many challenges later in life. I also continue, like you, to address new challenges. I offer real world advice but have taken the time to research and educate myself on personal change and its impact on our daily lives.

My credentials come from living, learning, losing, and surviving. That’s me!

What is unique about NavigatingPersonalChange.com? It won’t be just me guiding your voyage. I will have guest interviews and review resources that make life easier for us. It will also be a place for you to share. I want us to form a community of support.