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Your Journey Begins! Where to Start?

For many people change impacts their ability to function in their daily life. We all know someone going through a traumatic change like divorce. They are caught either off guard and feel like they were blind-sided or they saw it coming. In either case it doesn’t make it any easier.

You may initially sink into depression, anger, resentment – all kinds of emotions come forth. They are not to be ignored but it is how you handle emotions that make a difference. So we just respond as we have in our past. But that may not be the best way to address change in your present situation.

If you haven’t been successful with the way you managed change in the past it may be time to reconsider and learn a different way to respond.


  • Respond slowly so that you allow yourself time to give thought to your response.
  • Redirect your impulsive responses. Sometimes it is helpful to write a response down on paper. Then put it aside. Go back to it when you are more centered.
  • If we change habits we can change beliefs. Look at the habits you have established over the years. Are they beneficial?

MMS (Makes Me Smile): I often went from 3 to 10 emotionally in response to change. I think back and realize I must have looked more like a drama queen then a thoughtful woman. Sound familiar?

How do you respond to change? Share your comments below.

We will go into more depth regarding giving yourself time to give thought to your response in the next blog post: “Calm and Steady at the Helm”

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