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Why ​wallow ​in ​your hardships when you could be ​charting your new adventure?

I'll help you get the​ confidence to adapt to change so you can enjoy a more fulfilling life

​Hi. My name is Paulette Bergounous and I'll be your captain. Welcome on board!

The first thing you want to know is you're in good company. I'm an old hand at this. I've been dealing with personal change since the age of two when I was diagnosed with polio.

​Surviving one of the deadliest diseases comes with ongoing health and emotional challenges. These struggles ​threw me ​into ​an ideal training ​arena, where I ​learned to master adaptation. 

​However, my real breakthrough​ came later in life. You see, I wasn't prepared to lose the mobility and physical freedom I worked so hard to regain. But something called post-polio syndrome had other plans for me as I aged.

Going through that second and permanent loss was a trial of fire. ​That's when I finally discovered the mindset you need to thrive in spite of whatever life throws at you.

​And this is ​the reason I wrote ​The ABC's of Navigating Personal Change. ​I want you to have ​the same tools and frameworks ​​I use, so you too can face any challenge and enjoy a wonderful life.

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​The ABCs of Navigating Personal Change really made me question a lot of things about my life right now. It’s making me dig deep and learn about myself.

​​R. T

Peoria, Arizona

​I read the preface and introduction first and felt I had learned so much of who you are and how alike we are in so many ways. I have read your book through, but I am going to take time to go back and really read it and go through the action steps and course corrections. Your book has filled me with courage to tackle my life in a different way-especially to be braver than I think I am and to embark and face my fears.


​Sparks, Nevada

​Jump on board!

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